“Juliana, you provide a state of the art facility.” Lori

My name is Tom, and basically, my goal was to use the 7.2 products for 60 days. By the end of the first week, I was noticing major improvement! I lost 8 lbs, but even better, I FELT GREAT!! My energy level was through the roof! I began walking everyday because I felt so energetic, even after driving 9 hours. I didn’t care how cold or snowy it was, I WANTED to walk.

I began eating light meals and continuing with one 7.2 Shake w/7.2 Greens a day, Recovery before and after workouts, Boosters at night. I am sure the 7.2 products are what kept me on track to reach my goal. For the first time in my life I have a flat stomach! I was always the chubby kid- not anymore!

I made my goal weight of 175 lbs in 5 months, losing a total of 72 pounds!! * Tom K.

I am over 50 (ageless) and traditional medical docs will tell us that we need to start having colonoscopies. Somehow many people think that the medical procedure done every few years truly cleans out the colon. This is NOT ACCURATE. I was referred to Juliana 3 years ago so she could help educate me in the area of a healthy diet, colonics and cleanses.

Integrated with my regular exercise and overall healthy organic eating, I now do the 21 day Blessed Herbs cleanse annually while receiving colonics from Juliana. Juliana is incredibly skilled, nurturing and thorough …the table is comfortable and heated with a far infra-red Bio-mat, soft music is playing while a water fountain flows…and I love the sauna afterward! The process is comfortable and actually restful…I feel so awesome when I walk out the door KNOWING that I’ve just done something really cleansing for myself! I highly recommend Juliana and Highstream Healing!  Sherry G.

“Having a health problem can be frightening and even embarrassing. When I went to see Juliana I was met with a sincere concern for my well being and an excellent bedside manner. She helped understand so much about my body and introduced me to the lifestyle change that has made all the difference- the Body Ecology Diet. It may sound cliche but it truly has saved my life.” Jennifer L.

“Juliana is not only a talented practitioner, but she is eager to share knowledge that will enhance all areas of health. The spa-like atmosphere and her many years of experience make the appointment something to look forward to.” Alexandra L.

“Juliana is a very sweet, caring, and knowledgeable professional in what she does. I loved her bedside manner immediately, and my experience was nothing but positive. I will be back!” Sheri P.


“My husband has gone to Julianna for years and he finds her to be very gentle, peaceful and harmonious, and he always leaves feeling deeply at peace and taken care of. She’s a very loving, beautiful person.” Kathleen B.

“I am visiting from out of state and I want all of you to know how very jealous I am that Julianna is not a practicing therapist where I live. Her knowledge and compassion as well as her well equipped office allow her to treat the whole body (body, soul & spirit). After two colonics, one foot bath and a vast amount of sound nutritional and supplemental recommendations I feel that I am finally on my way to recovery.

I encourage all of you who live in the Boise area or even those who are visiting to take advantage of this treasure of a therapist.

Thank you Julianna!” Yvonne N.


“I really felt so good After my session.Never seen so much feces released Julliana was so informative I can’t wait til I go again!” Deborah A.

“Juliana is very good at what she does!! She always makes me feel comfortable, calm and cared for.. She is a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking a healthier and happier life. Highly recommended!!!” Brian L.

“High Stream Healing has a charming and serene location in beautiful North End Boise. Empathetic practitioners incorporate their gentle bedside manners using state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy equipment in an ultra-sterile environment. Music therapy is also included in the experience and there is the option for individual sauna time along with the availability for private showering after treatments. I highly recommend this establishment as an integral part of your healing plan!” Felice T.

“Being somewhat of a connoisseur of colonics, I feel qualified to give a 5 star review. Every attention to detail has been made in orchestrating an experience of respect for my privacy and comfort. High Stream Healing’s office/home/facility is inviting, clean and well appointed with educational and appropriately delightful humorous materials. I am always treated with warmth and professionalism. Thank you, Juliana!” Dia T.

“I highly recommend Juliana at High Stream. The setting is beautiful and her presence and skill are exquisite. I feel comfortable, supported and welcomed on every level and appreciate Juliana as part of my health team.” Anna D.

“I really enjoyed my experience with Juliana. She is a very caring and informative person about all matters of good health. The treatment was very relaxing and restorative. I felt that this should be a part of everyone’s plan to return to a healthier way of living.” Sheela P.


“Kind, comfortable, and knowledgeable – High Stream Healing makes it easy and educational too! If this is your first time, this is DEFINITELY thee place to go. They are thee best!” Chad G.

“Juliana is an expert in her field. She has a wonderful bedside manner and makes every session an educational and comfortable experience.” Claudia W.