Why Colon Therapy Is The Key To Health

Well, I know a lot of you don’t want me to go there but I’m a colon juliannatherapist, and I must be honest. If you’ve eaten the perfect diet since day1 of your Earthly existence, then you probably don’t need colonics.

On the other hand, we live in a fairly toxic environment, unfortunately, and can’t help breathing the air. And who has eaten a perfect diet, only organic fruits, and veggies, free-range, organic meats, and properly prepared, organically grown grains?
And don’t forget fresh, clean water!

I’m doing that diet almost 98% now, but for most of my first 25 years (https://www.boisecoloncleanse.com/Biography.html), and definitely for the 5 months travel in Asia, I was not eating very healthily. That is how and why I gained almost 30 lbs there!

The first thing I noticed while traveling was my bowel movements becoming more and more sluggish, and by the last month, I was not even pooping daily! Not good, and one of the main reasons my body created so much fat storage sites (ie cellulite) for all the toxic back-log created by a diet high in refined, non-organic carbs (most likely GMO grown rice and wheat), and all the yummy fruit smoothies, made with refined sugars, probably even corn syrup (definitely GMO).

I admit, the food was scrumptious, and I so appreciate that we had so many great meals but I’m also happy to be back to our local Boise Co-op and, soon to come, fresh produce from the many local farmers at the Farmer’s Mkt (and my backyard if I get my act together!)

We returned home from Asia before Christmas and, after several very productive colonics (I won’t say more!) and far-infrared sauna sweats, we left directly for our cabin where we were back to eating mostly organic. But because it was the holidays, I was still eating a lot of excess foods like homemade Pecan Pie and organic ice creams, and free-range turkey, and leftover turkey sandwiches…..but even still, I started to lose a few lbs!!

Fresh mountain air, x-country skiing, organic homemade food, water not out of a plastic bottle (more chemicals, BPA’s, ingested every day of our travels!), the colonics and saunas…..all of these factors contributed to the start of my weight loss journey!

But…..this is why I feel and know, especially after almost 9 years practicing as a colon bcc_lowerinttherapist, seeing what is released and my client’s, and my own, subsequent increase in wellbeing, that even the best and most healthy diet, if not digested properly becomes toxic inside our bodies. The colon (5-6 feet long!), if clogged and constipated, coated with years of layers of backed up material…..well, it doesn’t digest the good stuff you’ve decided to eat very well either. And the small intestine, all 19-21 feet of it, appreciates the colonic irrigation, too!

That’s why I say if you really are concerned with your health, and especially if you have weight issues, go get a series of colonics. 10 is the minimum, and almost back to back to start!

There are several good colon therapists here in Boise, including me :). If you don’t live here, go to www.i-act.org and find a colon therapist you can connect within your area of the world.
Meet with him or her personally for an initial consult to see if you feel comfortable with their energy and surroundings. That is most important, to feel relaxed!

After getting some colon therapy under your belt (HAHA), you will get even more benefits, and quicker results, implementing the changes I’ve been suggesting in the past, and future, blog posts!

All the Best!