April 5, 2022
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“I am over 50 (ageless) and traditional medical docs will tell us that we need to start having colonoscopies. Somehow many people think that the medical procedure done every few years truly cleans out the colon. This is NOT ACCURATE. I was referred to Juliana 3 years ago so she could help educate me in the area of a healthy diet, colonics and cleanses.

Integrated with my regular exercise and overall healthy organic eating, I now do the 21 day Blessed Herbs cleanse annually while receiving colonics from Juliana. Juliana is incredibly skilled, nurturing and thorough …the table is comfortable and heated with a far infra-red Bio-mat, soft music is playing while a water fountain flows…and I love the sauna afterward! The process is comfortable and actually restful…I feel so awesome when I walk out the door KNOWING that I’ve just done something really cleansing for myself! I highly recommend Juliana and Highstream Healing!”  Sherry G.