Vicarious Vital Nutrition

drivethruDo you feed yourself vicariously? I mean do you really know what you’re consuming these days if you’re constantly on the go and don’t have the time to read food labels? You might be eating vicariously because of smart marketing on the part of corporations. Of all the choices we have when it comes to shopping for our foods at the market place, we make choices based upon how a product might make us feel according to commercials. Those smiles and happy faces in commercials communicate to our innate sense of belonging and well being, even though they don’t convey any sense of nutritional information. We see a happy, healthy person eating pizza from a box. What we miss are facts such as the tomato sauce used contains high fructose corn syrup, and the breading contains some form of pyrophosphate to give it a nice brown color.

Sometimes we feed ourselves vicariously without researching what’s really good or bad for us. That has to change. Sooner or later the foods we’ve consumed without thinking catch up to us. But that’s why I started High Stream Healing, because I know there has to be another way, and in order to get from here to there nutritionally; we have to reset our thinking. I’ve had clients come in from all walks of life who are looking to rid their bodies of toxins and wastes after years of consuming without knowing what they were putting into their bodies. Choosing to participate in a colonic is a major step for some folks, but a step in the right direction. Flushing out GreenForLifeold stuff from our bodies, detoxing and cleansing allows a fresh start for your body in an ongoing learning process for your health and well being. Many of my clients have found that they want to eat better, and take their nutrition more seriously. Our staff can certainly point you in the right direction here at High Stream Healing. Ultimately the choice will be yours, in your own time, to read and educate yourself towards better health and nutrition. We have several books available in our office to get you started if you’d like more information!

Not only is it vital to know what you’re putting into your body as you make changes to regain your health and vitality, it’s also important to understand the differences between acidic food and alkaline foods. You can just about bet that a majority of processed foods are acidic in nature. Not all processed foods are, but a good majority of processed foods contain ingredients that when added together form an acidic mixture as compared to the natural ph levels of your body. These foods can increase your ph levels burgerto a point of discomfort and dis-ease. Signs like dark yellow urine, or constipation happen because your body is working hard to sequester the nutrients from the foods you’ve consumed. A more natural approach which also alkalizes your body is to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Our body processes have evolved for eons by consuming natural foods, and have developed efficient ways to extract vital nutrients quickly and easily. When your body has to work harder to get the nutrients you need from the processed foods you eat, your body will hold onto these kinds of (processed) foods longer, you experience it as constipation and discomfort.  The body screams at you in silent constipation. The good old silent treatment. Yes but….

The body doesn’t give you the silent treatment when you eat more alkaline foods. Instead it jumps for joy, and you’ll have the energy to show for it. Making the decision to clean your body of years of vicariously eating is a step in the right direction to feeling better, and getting your life energy back. We’d love to hear from you. Whatever your concerns might be, we’re here to help. Just give our office a call to book your appointment. 208-850-8075

Now, don’t’ get me wrong. We all have our comfort foods, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all; every once in a while. I like a good burger now and then myself even though I’ve changed my diet to a more alkaline one. Moderation is key. That will come naturally after a while, without any effort on your part if you just take it one step at a time.