We offer S.A.Wilsons coffee for those of you who prefer to complete coffee enemas in their own home.s.a.Wilsons Gold Roast enema coffee

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All the coffee used for our coffee blend is 100% certified organic. It is also bird friendly and shade grown. Purchased from small independent farmer co-operatives, the beans have been hand picked and the farmers have been paid far more for their product than they would have been paid if sold to the local coyotes (coffee brokers). In addition, s.a.Wilsons is one of the very few, if not the only, Certified Organic Coffee Processor. That means every single step in the production of our enema coffee and the operation of our facility has been certified to organic standards, right down to the products we use to clean the floors.

S.a.Wilsons Gold Roast Coffee is the first and only coffee that has been specifically blended and processed with higher levels of Caffeine and Palmitic acid in mind. It is also the only coffee that has been lab tested to be sure it has these higher levels.. A blend of 100% certified organic coffee beans have been selected for higher levels of Caffeine and Palmitic Acid. Then the coffee is put through the very special three stage process, developed by Scott Wilson after years of research. So what was accomplished with all that research? Well, independent lab tests show that s.a.Wilsons Gold Roast coffee is up to 48% higher in Caffeine and up to 87% higher in the more important Palmitic Acid. That’s higher than any commercially available coffee. These higher levels make Wilson’s coffee the most unique coffee available, without exception.

This is also the reason that s.a.Wilsons Blend Coffee is recommended by more professionals than any other single brand of coffee. It is the coffee of choice for the Gerson Research Organization, The Hospital Oasis, The Issels Program, Dr. William Donald Kelley, CHIPSA Hospital, Hildenbrand Alternatives.

Because we realize that most or our customers are traveling a very expensive road, we have done our very best to keep our coffee prices as low as possible. Since we buy our coffee direct, process it, package and ship ourselves, we cut out all the middle men and women who all want to take their share of your money. By keeping our costs and overhead as low as possible we have made it our mission to continually offer the most cost effective organic coffee available and that in this small way we can help you on this road you have chosen to travel.