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boisecoloncleanse_sideHigh Stream Healing is a place of healing, education and transformation. We are located conveniently in Boise, Idaho’s North End. We provide everyone with quality care customized to meet your individual lifestyle and health goals. High Stream Healing Center came to fruition after Juliana experienced the power of cleansing, in conjunction with proper diet and nutrition, over the course of 30 years immersion in the health and wellness field

 Meet our team:     Juliana Benner     Starr Knight

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  Juliana Benner

julianna  Call Juliana for an appointment. 208-850-8075

As a result of my personal journey and research in alternative methods to deal with my own health issues, I achieved such tremendous benefits from colon hydrotherapy that I knew this was the healing modality I wanted to share with others.
Schooling for colon hydrotherapy:
1) Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy School and Clinic.”Basic Foundation” certification Jan 2003
2) International School of Colon Hydrotherapy. “Basic Foundation” certification May 2003
3) I-ACT Advanced Level Certification completed 2007
4) Internal Environment Institute. “Advanced” certification October 2007
5) National Board Certification completed June 2008
6) Wellness Institute for Digestive Health. Advanced Art of Colon Hydrotherapy 2012
7) GI Doctors. ColoLavage Preparation Training Certified 2012
8) Certified Natural Health Practitioner in 2013 through Trinity School of Natural Health
Trained under Donna Gates of The Body Ecology Diet- 2004 and 2006
Became a Certified Natural Health Practitioner in 2013 through Trinity School of Natural Health
I am passionate about all things regarding natural health and strive to keep abreast of new information as well as the tried and true wisdom of the past. I have an extensive library on alternative health and could spend hours reading and learning ways to enhance and support my own, as well as my client’s, friend’s and family’s, journey to ultimate, vibrant health.
Recently I began to learn the real truth of what is ailing us and what we need to do to turn this tide of ill-health and misery. All this through the words of Anthony William, The Medical Medium. I am immersing myself in his works and will base all my coaching on this wisdom! It is wonderful to finally have clarity!
When I’m not at High Stream Healing, I love to hike in the foothills with my doggies, read books, and spend lots of weekends and summers up in McCall enjoying the mountains with my friends and family.
This is why I love working with Starr, who can support my client’s when I’m unavailable.

   Starr Knight

StarrKnight Call Starr for an appointment. 208-608-2873

Starr has recently arrived from Chicago, bringing her expertise in Colon Hydrotherapy, with 30 years as a R.N. and over 35 years working as colon therapist. She has been a wonderful addition to our team, and our clients love her peaceful and gentle nature,as well as her knowledge of health!

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